Technology Spotlight: Digital X-Rays & iTero Digital Scanner

Technology has drastically improved over the years for dental practices, making dental work easier for the patient and doctor. Digital scan technology allows dentists to more accurately measure a patient’s dental structure and follow up on tooth wear.

One piece of technology that we have in our office at Asprakis & Danti Dentistry in Tecumseh, ON, is the iTero Digital Scanner. It offers speed, reliability, and intuitive operations with incredible visualization possibilities. Learn more about digital x-rays and the iTero Digital Scanner’s benefits below.

At Asprakis & Danti Dentistry, we offer various dental services, including digital x-rays and Invisalign treatment. Learn more about our services here.

Why Are Digital X-Rays Important?

Digital x-rays are useful because they show us what we cannot see on the surface. They are also noninvasive, so doctors can take images of a patient’s mouth and jaw without causing any discomfort. The results are available almost immediately as well, so the doctor can see if there are any concerns and recommend a treatment.

Digital x-rays monitor teeth that haven’t broken through yet, such as wisdom teeth. The doctor can also watch a patient’s jaw development and track the progress of any problems that may be occurring. X-rays can show cavities between teeth that the doctor can’t see on the surface. Additionally, they provide imaging of what is happening beneath the gum line in the roots. This can help to slow or stop the progress of infections and any root damage. It also allows the doctor to know where to drill if a root canal is necessary.

Benefits of the iTero Digital Scanner


The iTero scanner can take complete scans in as little as 60 seconds. This saves time and improves the patient experience.

Intraoral Camera

The camera uses parallel confocal imaging technology with laser and optical scanning to create images in color.

Real-time TimeLapse Visualization

The patient can watch a TimeLapse of their teeth changing for better or worse with real-time visualization.

Automatic Comparsions

iTero TimeLapse saves past images and compares them with new ones so that the patient and doctor can watch tooth wear, gingivitis, and movement.

3D Digital Impressions

3D images make it possible to see all angles of the patient’s teeth.

Invisalign Connectivity

Digital scan technology can measure Invisalign patients’ teeth and watch how their teeth can change with TimeLapse visualization.

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Digital x-rays are essential to monitor for cavities, jaw pain, impacted teeth, gingivitis, or to create a plan for Invisalign treatment. To get started with a dental office that uses top-of-the-line imaging equipment and makes the patient experience as uncomplicated as possible, contact the professionals at Asprakis & Danti Dentistry in Windsor, ON!