Should You Be Wearing a Mouthguard?

Dental mouthguards are beneficial for many people, but not everyone who needs them uses them. If you play sports, have a history of dental problems, or are looking to protect your teeth from grinding, you may want to consider wearing a mouthguard. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of mouthguards and why they’re important for protecting your smile, and if you’d make a good candidate for one.

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Athletic Mouthguards

What Are They For?

Mouthguards can be worn during contact sports or other activities that may cause injury to the mouth. They protect the teeth, gums, and mouth from potential injuries that could lead to cuts, breakage, and missing teeth.

Who Should Use Them?

Mouthguards are most often used by athletes who play contact sports like football, hockey, and soccer, but there are some other cases in which you may require one. If you have braces, wearing a mouthguard while playing sports is essential. If you were to be hit in the mouth, your braces could cut your mouth or gums, and if hit hard enough, could damage the progress your braces have made to your teeth. A mouthguard will protect both the braces themselves and your mouth.

Where to Get One

You can purchase athletic mouthguards at most drug stores, sporting goods stores, or online retailers like Amazon. Keep in mind that these kinds of guards aren’t always as effective as professional options–due to differences between individuals’ jaw structures and bite patterns, they don’t fit perfectly into place on everyone.

Nighttime Mouthguards

What Are They For?

Nighttime mouthguards can help slow down the wear and tear that occurs on your teeth from nocturnal/sleep grinding or clenching, which may lead to less breaking, chipping, cracking, or even fracturing of your teeth.

Who Should Use Them?

Bruxism, or teeth grinding/clenching, is a common habit that is not easily self-controlled. Almost all of us have it, and it feels like second nature since it occurs during sleep or subconsciously. But it doesn’t come without risk–it can cause major damage over time and lead to breakage and pain. If you grind or clench your teeth, a nighttime mouthguard is one of the most effective solutions.

As a result of teeth grinding/clenching, you may suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), which affects the muscles in your jaw and face. If you’ve had a broken or chipped tooth, it’s also worth considering getting fitted for one to prevent further damage.

Signs You May Need One

  • You have jaw muscle pain or periodic earaches
  • Your teeth look worn down or chipped
  • Your bite feels off
  • You wake up with jaw tension

Where to Get One

If you’re looking for a mouthguard that fits well and is comfortable to wear, a professional custom-fitted guard is the way to go. The doctors at Asprakis & Danti Dentistry take digital scans of your teeth to make a mouth guard that fits just for you.

Protect Your Teeth at Asprakis & Danti Dentistry

If you’re looking to protect your teeth and gums, a mouthguard is an excellent option. Mouthguards are easy to wear, and today’s technology makes them more comfortable than ever–just slip them in before bedtime or when playing sports! They are custom designed for your teeth and offer good protection against injury.

At Asprakis & Danti Dentistry, we want to be part of your entire dental routine–from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. If you need a dedicated and compassionate dental clinic in Windsor, ON, contact us today!